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Mini PCs deliver responsive performance for office applications, high-speed connections for data transfer, and powerful graphics for 4K displays. Get the perfect office PC, computer workstation, video conference system or entertainment hub.

What is a MiniPC

A mini PC is a space-saving, low-power, low-cost computer designed for a wide range of tasks such as web browsing, document processing, accessing cloud applications, audio/video playback, gaming etc. It’s a standard desktop computer in a miniaturized form.

Performance larger than it’s size: The small footprint design and rich expansion capabilities make Mini PCs ideal for the needs of diverse projects. Just like their “big brothers”, MiniPCs are built based with Intel and AMD Processors right from the most basic processors to the latest and high-end processors.

Fanless solutions: We offer completely fanless designs that bring silent performance, longevity, and unrivaled features with an energy sipping power and efficient cooling hardware.

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